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What We Do

At CIS Contracts Ltd we have never missed a payment, we are supported by Barclays PLC to deliver an exceptional service that ensures your business is compliant and meeting those important deadlines.

Firstly, we confirm your subcontractors' information to ensure it is correct - mistakes can be costly.


We then verify your subcontractor with HMRC - this identifies if they are to have 20%, 30% or gross deductions. If the subcontractor is verified at 30% and they believe they should be less we will assist them, provide them with HMRC's relevant telephone number, guide them through the process and re-verify. In some circumstances we can even make the phone call to HMRC on behalf of the subbie via our dedicated agent number.

We ask all subbies to authenticate that they are in fact self employed. There is a lot of news about tribunals because the self employed conditions have not been met by contractors. By confirming their self employed status and agreeing to the terms this not only confirms what is expected of the subcontractors but also protects you from any employment tribunals and potential problems in the future.

We act as your agent with HMRC, this means that we can speak to them on your behalf - anyone that has been on hold for 2 hours with HMRC will know how beneficial this is and how time consuming it can be to deal with even the simplest requests.

We send out detailed statements to each subcontractor in the post each pay period. This reaffirms to the subcontractor that they are dealing with a professional contractor, if there are any queries; we can deal with them directly too. The subcontractor can request additional statements and payslips whenever they want and we can offer them great discounts on preparing their self-assessment tax return just for being your subcontractor.

We pay the subcontractors each pay period. You tell us how much they are being paid gross, pay that to us into our dedicated clients account and we individually pay the money over to the subbies - no more being tied to the office on a Friday afternoon. Just one payment and we do the rest. We even deduct the CIS tax element and pay it HMRC on your behalf so you never receive a penalty or reminder letter again - guaranteed.

We submit your CIS return once it has been prepared. If you have ever had a CIS penalty they are quite steep at £100.00 minimum for being one minute late. We ensure you never receive these nasty little fines so your hard earned money stays nicely in your pocket.


If you already have an accountant or bookkeeper we can send the reports directly to them each pay period, these means that they can ensure your books are up to date and you also don't have to sift through your emails or post each time they nag for the information. 

We don't tie anyone into a contract, which means we only charge for the service we provide. There is no minimum spend.

We love referrals, not only our clients referring us but if we have other trades asking for a carpenter, a roofer, an electrician etc we refer our contractors. We get to know your business whilst working with you, the fact that you want to get your CIS done correctly proves that you love your business so why not let us share what you do with other trades people?

We often run fun competitions like Contractor of the month, Sub contractor prize draws and like and share competitions across our social media, everyone loves something for nothing! You will get featured in our advertising campaigns so not only can you win luxury hampers, gift vouchers and freebies but you also get us to advertise you for free.

Our aim to make your life easier by taking on the timely responsibilities that come with instructing subcontractors, our business is ensuring your business is compliant and you and your subbies are happy.

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