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Why Should we use CIS Contracts Ltd

The way we run is really simple:

You tell us what you are paying the subbies gross each pay period.

You pay us that gross amount and put us in contact with any new subcontractors

We do the rest…

We are fast, friendly and professional and just take the stress out of dealing with the Construction Industry Scheme.

· We Liaise with the subcontractors and deal with changes of address/bank info

· We pay the subbies on your chosen day

· We pay over the CIS deductions to HMRC

· We submit the monthly CIS return

· We verify any new subcontractors

· We ensure all subcontractors sign the T&C’s and understand they are self employed

· We will advertise any vacancies you have on our social media platforms

· We will introduce potential candidates to you and sift through CV’s and applications

· We ensure you are compliant and meet important deadlines

· We will work with your existing bookkeeper/accountant and send them the reports

· We recommend other services to our contractors, need a trade? Just ask....

· We enter our contractors info monthly competitions to win ‘thank you’ prizes

You get all this at no cost to yourself….

Because the subcontractors are self-employed, they pay our individual fee. They also benefit; they can request as many copies of payslips/deduction statements as they want from us, we charge them a flat fee each time they’re paid and our fee is completely tax deductible; this means that when they do their self-assessment tax return they can claim back our fees as expenses. Not only that, we can even offer them a huge reduction in preparing their tax return just for being your subcontractor.

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